Kidney Pain

What is Kidney Pain? Kidney pain, also known as renal pain is pain caused by an infection, injury to the

Hip Pain

What is Hip Pain? Hip pain is when you experience pain in the joints or muscles in the hip or

Elbow Pain

What is Elbow Pain? Elbow consists of bones, tendons and 3 joints that are humerus, ulna, and radius which form

Heel Pain

What is Heel Pain? Heel is the biggest bone in the foot is the heel which when affected can influence

Shoulder Pain

What is Shoulder Pain? Shoulder being a ball and socket joint, it has 3 main bones known as the humerus

Intercostal Muscle Strain

What Is Intercostal Muscle Strain? Intercostal muscle strain (also called intercostal neuralgia) is a condition that inflames the intercostal muscles